Robby Gordon Clips Spectator With His Truck During Baja 500

Robby Gordon Hits Spectator During Baja 500
Robby Gordon Hits Spectator During Baja 500 /

It looks like Robby Gordon and a spectator had a bit of a run in with each other during the Baja 500 earlier last weekend according to Fox News yesterday (June. 8, 2015.) A spectator uploaded the incident on Youtube (which you can see below) and it shows exactly what went down. It looks like Robby Gordon was fighting for the lead with another truck, flying along at enormous speeds for these desert roads. As per usual, lots of spectators line the course with no barriers to block the trucks from hitting someone. One spectator runs straight into the path of Robby Gordons truck and clips his leg. You can clearly hear in the video that Gordon’s truck drops speeds and see that Gordon swerves a bit to avoid the spectator, but it was too little too late.

This comes off news from the San Diego reader that earlier during the race, eight spectators where injured with four of them being children. None of the injuries where life-threatening. Some have heralded the driver of the off-road vehicle a hero as he deftly swerved out of the way to avoid hitting any of the onlookers, derliberatly piloting his truck towards a pole which he finally hit. According to Baja officials, this was the first time something like this has happened during the Baja in nine years.

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It looks like the incident cost Robby Gordon the race as the driver he was battling against took first place. Racing is a dangerous sport and there’s an inherent risk taken on by drivers and spectators. Although rare, accidents involving spectators do occur. If you’re watching, staying vigilant and keeping your wits about you will always be your greatest friend. Check out how crazy spectating used to be in the days of Group B Rally.