Ford GT Race Car To Be Used In 2016 Le Mans Unveiled


This is it ladies and gentleman. Ford pulled the wraps off it’s Ford GT Race Car earlier today during a press conference (June. 12, 2015) just after qualifying finished at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Ford confirmed that they WILL be using this Ford GT Race Car next year at Le Mans and it will make its racing debut in January at Daytona.

The Ford GT Race Car is based off the Ford GT that was unveiled earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show. This race car will run exclusively in the Le Mans GT Endurance class (LM GTE Pro.) According to Ford, they have enough tricks up their sleeve that should ensure that this Ford GT Race Car stays super competitive in the field. Foremost for Ford are the cars aerodynamics, the lightweight composites comprising the race car and of course the Ecoboost technology powering it.

2015.6.12 Ford GT 4
2015.6.12 Ford GT 4 /
2015.6.12 Ford GT 3
2015.6.12 Ford GT 3 /
2015.6.12 Ford GT 2
2015.6.12 Ford GT 2 /
2015.6.12 Ford GT 1
2015.6.12 Ford GT 1 /

The heart and soul of this Ford GT Race Car will be the 3.5 Liter Ecoboost V6 that Ford has spent significant amounts of R&D to not only make a world class engine, but a race ready engine as well. Expect power numbers to hover around 600 HP.

2016 marks an important year for Ford as it will be the 50th anniverary of the 1-2-3 finish at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966. Bill Ford, executive chairman, Ford Motor Company said,

"“When the GT40 competed at Le Mans in the 1960s, Henry Ford II sought to prove Ford could beat endurance racing’s most legendary manufacturers.We are still extremely proud of having won this iconic race four times in a row, and that same spirit that drove the innovation behind the first Ford GT still drives us today.”"

The first impressions of the car are absolutely stunning. The aerodynamics alone are noteworthy.  Ford’s racing engineers have managed to massage what was already a very smooth design and massaged out any aerodynamic drag that can hinder a fast lap time. The rear diffuser alone is a piece of art. There you have it. Ford is back in GT Racing. Can they repeat a 1-2-3 finish next year? We’ll have to wait till Daytona to start predictions.

2015.6.12 Ford GT 6
2015.6.12 Ford GT 6 /