This Jurassic Park Power Wheels Build Spared No Expense

This Jurassic Park Power Wheels Build Spared No Expense
This Jurassic Park Power Wheels Build Spared No Expense /

Looks like no mini triceratops’ will be bashing into this movie prop aficionado. Apparently a fan of the Jurassic Park series, Andrew Shaddox, showed up to the premiere of Jurassic World at the Alamo Drafthouse in El Paso, Texas earlier this week (June. 11, 2015.) in a mini-Jeep Wrangler staff vehicle. Not only was his power wheels Jeep (apparently made from a Barbie Jeep) fully functional supporting the weight of a grown adult, but it had movie correct logo’s, paint scheme, and number markings of the original Jeep Wrangler staff vehicles used in the original movie. Keen eyes will notice that Andrew was also cosplaying as one Robert Muldoon, Jurassic Park’s late game warden.

The whole build was indeed of labor of love (or fandom…Either way, it’s pretty awesome.)  The entire build was chronicled and detailed from start to finish on The Replica Prop According to his thread, the build from beginning to end took less than two weeks although lots of hard work and detail was put into the final product. Scrolling through some of the photos, if the Jeep was life-sized you would think he was doing an honest-to-god rotisserie restoration.

The final product speaks for itself. The Jurassic Jeep was so well done it was requested for display at the San Antonio Symphony during their performance of ‘The Music of John Williams.’ You can see his Jeep in this picture if you look far to the right. And it look like his ultimate goal of rolling into the Jurassic World Premiere in style was an absolute success as a couple of people caught him on camera (videos posted above) and even garnered him some love on Reddit’s /r/videos. Job well done Andrew.