Watch Matt Coffman’s Roush Powered S13 Tear It Up In Orlando

Watch Matt Coffman's Roush Powered S13 Tear It Up In Orlando
Watch Matt Coffman's Roush Powered S13 Tear It Up In Orlando /

Abandon Visuals just dropped their latest video earlier today (June. 15, 2015) featuring Formula Drift sophomore Matt Coffman as he competed in his Roush-Yates powered Nissan S13 in Orlando less than two weeks ago. To say Orlando Speedway was a challenge for some of the drivers would be an understatement. With rain putting a damper on some of the qualifying and tandem rounds and a new course layout that challenged even the best drifters to lay down a clean tandem line, to just make it into the Top 32 was an achievement in and of itself. The video captures all that emotion.

Jarod DeAnda called it the “Battle of the Matt’s” as Coffman was paired with his old Pro-Am judge from Golden Gate Drift, Matt Field. Keen eyes also noticed Golden Gate Drift’s own organizer Luke Crowell flagging them off the start line. The tail of the tape couldn’t be more different. Although both were running S-Chassis cars, Field’s had the power advantage of more than 300 HP with his LQ9 small block versus Coffman’s Roush-Yates crate motor. But in drifting, it’s rarely about power as skill reigns supreme, and Field’s simply was a hardened race veteran with hours upon hours of seat time compared to the rookie Coffman.

The first tandem saw an aggressive initiation by Field with an equal callout by Coffman in the first banking. Then on the next transition, Coffman lands two tires off course which threw off his whole run. Then in the next run with Coffman leading, Coffman initiates beautifully off the first banking but rotates headed into the next clipping point effectively giving the tandem to Field’s. Field’s and Coffman’s tandems start out at 55 minutes in the stream posted below.With four rounds left, let’s see what this kid from Medford can pull off with the remaining 2015 season.

Formula DRIFT Orlando (Top 32- Top 16)


Keen ears (or sharp eyes if you read the video description) will notice that the background music uses Patrick Wilson’s “Where the Wild Things Are.” Orlando brought some of the wildness out amongst this motley crew of LS swaps and turbocharged SR’s. We’ll be curious to see how it all plays out in New Jersey as the whole event moves to Wall Speedway in less than two weeks.