Top 5 Reasons Why Chris Evans Will Be A Smashing Top Gear Host


Top Gear announced earlier today (June. 16, 2015) that Chris Evans signed a three-year contract with Top Gear UK as new lead host. Chris Evans is currently the host of UK’s most popular drive-time radio program on BBC Radio 2, “The Chris Evans Breakfast Show” and has cemented himself as a household name amongst the general population. Production on Season 23 of Top Gear starts in a few weeks, and the BBC has announced that they will reveal more information as production progresses.

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Although the show started in 1977, gained a following, and around the turn of the century collapsed upon itself. 2002 marked the rebirth of the world’s most popular program. With a new Executive Producer at the helm, a trio of likeable personalities led by Jeremy Clarkson and a cracking set of segments, the show catapulted itself to the top of the charts. For many Americans, we were relegated to watching the show online as that was they only way we could tune in. We loved Clarkson, May and Hammond and we quickly bonded with the quirky, humorous and controversial car show. Most of us were dismayed to hear the show had permanently ceased to exist after a certain fracas.

When news of Chris Evans becoming host hit the internet, as Americans, we had no clue who he was. And like all things that change, are natural instinct is to resist this new host. But here are five reasons why Chris Evans will be a great replacement for Clarkson.

1. He’s got the nod from the British people– For the past five years, Chris Evans has been hosting one of the most important radio shows for any population, the drive-time morning show from 6:30 A.M.- 9:30 A.M. We all have our favorite morning show presenters that we tune into, and almost like a good friend, we bond with them. The show first and foremost will be for the British people. Of course, there will be at least one man who won’t feel the same way.

2. Competition- Never in our wildest dreams would we imagine two great car shows (well three if you count Fifth Gear) on the air competing at the same time. But with BBC’s Top Gear and Hammond, May and Clarkson cooking up a deal with Netflix, each show should feed off each other and improve each other respectively.

3. Evans has overturned shows before in dramatic fashion- If his stint on the Radio 1 Breakfast show was any indicator of his leadership effectiveness, this bodes well for Top Gear. In 1995, Evans replaced Steve Wright as host. His new segments allowed him to land 600,000 new listeners.

4. Chris Evans ALREADY has some great ideas- Mere hours after he was announced as new presenter, Evans tweeted this cheeky little segment idea. Not bad if you ask me.

5.Captain Slow thinks he’s alright- James May was one of the first, and only hosts of the old guard, at this time to have offered his congratulations to the new host. May poignantly reminded him of what he was carrying on, also adding the show’s first year of being aired. This is May’s way of saying, don’t screw this one up.

So there you have it. We all hate change on some level and a few feathers are to be ruffled but all good things must come to an end. Only time will tell how well this show will turn out. We can safely say that there are two great car shows in the works whereas a few months ago, there was frankly only one (or two…if you count Fifth Gear.) We’ll leave you with this little segment filmed recently where Chris Evans was getting some top tips from one Jeremey Clarkson.