Warriors Championship Means Oakland Sideshows


“Police say that so far people are having fun and generally the celebrations are peaceful.”

Oakland’s (specifically East. Oakland) got its own way of celebrating things and when it comes to getting hyphy after an NBA championship, there’s no better way to do it than getting in your ’93 Mustang and “whipping it” out on the streets. That’s exactly what went down earlier last night ( June. 16, 2015) thanks to the Golden State Warriors clinching Game 6. of the NBA Finals.

  Oakland is the city that  infamously brought you “Scrapers”  which are usually late model Detroit big body cars outfitted with large rims (… 40-inch rim large rims.) Designed for cruising, they usually don’t pose a harm to the greater community. Oakland also proudly brought you “Ghost Riding” or better known as “Ghost Ridin’ The Whip’.  Either require you to put your car in neutral while it’s rolling at less than three MPH (walking speed) while you jump out and put your best thizz face on and dance outside your car. This trend further caught on when Mistah Fab’ popularized it in his hit single “Ghost Ride It.”

But tonight in Oakland, it was ALL about the sideshow. Usually featuring late model muscle cars, it involves a bunch of rear wheel drive rides taking turns doing donuts one at a time or with more than one car. Colloquially, it’s called, “Whipping it” and it usually involves a lot of tire smoke, burnouts and is pretty much illegal. But this is Oakland, so when there’s a sideshow, expect a crowd to gather. Check out some of the sideshows that went down in Oakland earlier last night. Keen eyes will notice that most of the cars burning up their tires are third generation Ford Mustangs.

This sideshow participant didn’t fare so well. Crashed his Ford Mustang into a tree and fled the scene. Go Warriors.

This news clip pretty much sums up East Oakland. According to the reporter, “There was a sideshow in the area, now you can see fans…..on top of a bus.

Sure, sideshows can be dangerous and under no circumstances should anyone participate….buuuuuut OAKLAND JUST WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP! So go ahead and celebrate Bay Area. Just don’t get hella hyphy.