McLaren Hit With Combined 50 Place Grid Penalty Before Austrian GP

McLaren Hit With Combined 50 Place Grid Penalty Before Austrian GP
McLaren Hit With Combined 50 Place Grid Penalty Before Austrian GP /

McLaren-Honda have been hit with a combined 50 place grid penalty.

Even before qualifying began for McLaren-Honda’s Formula 1 team, both drivers face a combined 50 grid penalty before the 2015 Austrian Grand Prix. Fernando Alsono’s penalty tally reached a staggering 25 places during final practice as McLaren were suddenly forced to change his entire gearbox unit on top of an engine change earlier. Then Jenson Button dropped 10 places for switching out a turbo (his 6th one this season), five places for a whole new ICE unit , five a piece for another new MGU-H and K units (Motor Generator Unit.) In addition, both drivers will also receive a drive through or stop and go penalty. That means even if by some stroke of luck, both drivers finish first and second in qualifying, both will have to start out at the back of the grid, and on top of that both would have to perform a drive through penalty.

2015.6.20 McLaren Honda 2
To add insult to injury, Honda’s new President, traveled all the way from Japan to see his beloved Formula 1 investment unfold into one big debacle. As many already know, Fernando Alonso couldn’t even make it thorugh the entire morning practice without his Mclaren-Honda giving him some sort of trouble. So what did the two-time champ do for the remaining half hour of practice? Stand. Alonso stood on the pit straight as practice completed. Alonso’s only consolation is the fact that he gets to test the only set of new aero for his car. None for Button.   McLaren Honda can take some consolation that they aren’t the only teams being slapped with penalties. Red Bull have also taken penalties for switching out power units on their home turf (Austria.) 10 grid place penalties for both drivers. What’s even more saddening is that both teams have already exceeded the amount of power units that they’re allocated for the season. With seven races down and 11 more remaining, both Mclaren-Honda and Red Bull will receive penalties just to participate. /