James May Smells Burnt Toast And Thinks He’s Having A Stroke

James May Smells Burnt Toast And Thinks He's Having A Stroke
James May Smells Burnt Toast And Thinks He's Having A Stroke /

James May, a weird smell, and possibly a stroke? It was a mini-drama made for Twitter.

Looks like James May had himself a bit of a scare earlier today (June 21, 2015) thanks to Twitter making him believe that he was having a stroke. Apparently there’s an old wives tale that if you smell burnt toast, you’re having a stroke. Well, one Captain Slow was complaining about a burnt toast smell someone where in his hotel room on social media. Twitter responded the only way the internet knows how, with a bunch of information, none of it grounded in fact.

A rookie mistake everyone makes online at one point or another is querying the larger internet population on what’s happening with their body at any given moment. Nevermind that you can call any number of on-duty nurses or emergency services in your vicinity.

Then someone suggests that, “Oh no! It might be a stroke.” No better way to calm someone down then to suggest that the impending starvation of blood oxygen to your brain will soon result in your untimely death.

Thankfully, someone popped in with the most appropriate of toast puns. By this time, either James May was actually having a stroke, or something smelled wrong somewhere in his vicinity. Most likely it was the latter.

Great news! Looks like James May really did either burn some toast or something different burned altogether nearby. Here’s the takeaway people. Smelling burnt toast, even though you can’t see any, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re having a stroke!

To celebrate this whole “not having a stroke” business, James May made some toast anyways. This time he deliberately kept it in the toaster for longer than it was supposed to.

So everyone can breath a collective sigh of relief. Our beloved Captain Slow is A-ok. Maybe he just needs to clean his hotel room? Surprisingly, this isn’t the first run in hes had with toast in the past few weeks. Just last May, he dropped a video series on how to make the best-poached eggs on toast. What is it with Captain Slow and bread products anyways?