Watch The Aston Martin Vulcan Do A Burnout Launch

Watch Chris Harris Launch A 2016 Aston Martin Vulcan
Watch Chris Harris Launch A 2016 Aston Martin Vulcan /

Only 24 of these will be made…let’s do a burnout!

Chris Harris just dropped an eight-second video earlier today (June. 25, 2015) showing the skunk works team at Aston Martin drawing a pair ones (a.k.a. doing a burnout launch) in a 2016 Aston Martin Vulcan. Aston has slated for their to be only 24 of these 800 HP V12 FIA racecars for owners to be built, so to see one actually start up and take off is a treat for the entire internet. See the video below.

The same genius minds that worked together to assemble the all-new Ford GT (everything except the engine) also designed and put together the Aston Martin Vulcan (Multimatic motorsports based out of Canada.) In true FIA racecar fashion, the monocoque is fully carbon fiber. The body? Also wrapped in carbon fiber. Don’t expect to see this behemoth of a car rolling around on the street as this is a race car only. The suspension is fairly simple with a pushrod suspension, adjustable dampers and a set of anti-roll bars.

Aston Martin has taken its 5.9 V12 and massaged it out to a whopping 7 liters. Aston Martin hasn’t officially graced us with final power numbers, but they have said it hovers around 800 HP. Ya, this Aston can move. All that power is routed through a six-speed sequential transmission with enough stopping power courtesy of a set of carbon ceramic discs with Brembo calipers. A glance at the 345 mm wide tires in the rear, and you know that this English brute can rip a mean set of skids if you lay your foot into it.

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And that’s exactly what Aston does in the video. The startup is visceral and organic, like waking up a sleeping bear. Then Aston pegs the rev limiter as the tires traction limits are overcome and those expensive Michelins mark their territory on the ground below. It makes us excited to see what this machine is capable of and fans will get at taste during the Goodwood Festival of Speed kicking off tomorrow.