How To Watch The 2015 Goodwood Festival Of Speed LIVE

How To Watch The 2015 Goodwood Festival Of Speed LIVE
How To Watch The 2015 Goodwood Festival Of Speed LIVE /

Is there a live stream? Absolutely!

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is an annual hill climb featuring a mix of historic vehicles, racecars and current vehicles in production. Set on the historic Goodwood House in West Sussex, England, it’s an epic four-day affair that brings some of the quickest cars and famous faces in motorsport. Hit the play button below on the Youtube video courtesy of Goodwood Road & Racing.

The piece-de-resistance of the whole event is the 1.16 mile long hill climb that takes places through all four days which sees literally hundreds of cars vying for the record. Although, most cars do just go up the hill for the fun of it. The current record which has stood the test of time for over 16 years was a 41.6-second run done by Nick Heidfeld in an McLaren MP4-13 Formula 1 car back in 1999.

Since tickets are about $63 if you go on Friday and $100 if you go on the weekend, tickets pretty much sell out fast and aren’t available at the door. That doesn’t mean you’re left without an option to watch. The Goodwood Festival of Speed has thankfully provided a live stream free for the entire world to watch and enjoy.

Click Here For The Live Stream.

And if you’re wondering who is driving what during the Goodwood Festival Of Speed, they’ve provided you with a handy-dandy printout of all the drivers in alphabetical order. For a schedule of what’s going on from start to finish, click here

The 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed has a lot planned. The Aston Martin Vantage GT12 and Lexus GS F will both make their public debuts with a blast up the hill. In addition, the McLaren 570S Coupe, McLaren P1 GTR (986 HP btw) and Mazda MX-5 all will make its way up the 1.16 mile climb. If you’re an American fan, look for Ken Block and his 850 HP Mustang Hoonicorn to make an attempt up the hill as well.