Valentino Rossi Just Drove The Mazda 787B

Valentino Rossi Just Drove The Mazda 787B
Valentino Rossi Just Drove The Mazda 787B /

Valentino Rossi driving the Mazda 787B is the best of worlds colliding.

Like a mashup of epic proportions earlier today (June. 28, 2015) that only the Goodwood Festival Of Speed could put together, Valentino Rossi put on his signature yellow helmet, strapped himself into the racing harness of the historic Mazda 787B and drove it up the infamous hill climb at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed. Rossi wasn’t one to stuff it into the hay bales, but he wasn’t one to not give it a couple of WOT revs along the way. The crowd collectively held their breath as he passed Molecomb Corner, but the corner with the infamous kink in the road proved no problem.

2015.6.28 Rossi 2
2015.6.28 Rossi 2 /
2015.6.28 Rossi 3
2015.6.28 Rossi 3 /
2015.6.28 Rossi
2015.6.28 Rossi /

Here’s what the commentators said during his drive,

"“He’s very quick in a racing car. He’s done quite a lot of testing for Ferrari. He’s done a couple of World Championship Rally’s…You’ll recognize that famous sun and moon helmet through the side doors. He’s not hanging about is he? He’s never even sat in it before. “"

According to Wikipedia, “The Mazda 787 and its derivative 787B were Group C sports-prototype racing cars built by Mazda for use in the World Sportscar Championship, All Japan Sports Prototype Championship, as well as the 24 Hours of Le Mans from 1990 to 1991.” Of course, the 1991 running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans was where the 787B shined. With three entrants and a spare by Mazda, they weren’t initially favored to win. That all flew out the window with a first, sixth and eighth place finish.

This is the first time Valentino Rossi has made a serious appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed although there were rumors of his sightings multiple times in previous years. Lord March was sure to have Rossi play to the crowd with a bit of an interview and speech earlier in the day before his drive in the 787B. Before that, Rossi drove up the hill in his infamous Yamaha. Truly a day that Chichester will never forget.