AMS Alpha Omega GT-R Runs 7.485s Breaks R35 1/4 Mile Record

7.485s down the 1/4 mile? That’s AMS Performance quick.

When it comes to fastest Nissan GT-R’s there’s only one car on the top of that list and right now it’s the Nissan GT-R Alpha Omega under the ownership of AMS Performance out of West Chicago, Illinois. Earlier this week (July 1, 2015) the boys recently took their Alpha Omega R35 GT-R to IHRA Sanctioned Milan Dragway in Michigan and set down thee quickest quarter mile run as far as Nissan GT-R R35’s go. Someone DID catch the second fastest run that day but no one has uploaded the fastest run. Here’s the second fastest run posted below.

Their time? 7.485 seconds at 192.97 MPH. Just to put that in perspective. A stock Nissan GTR with 545 HP and 463 lbs-ft of torque takes about 11.2 seconds to make it down that same distance. To chop that time down another 3.715 seconds, it takes AMS Performance with all their magic another 1,455 HP courtesy of a .5 L bigger billet block, ported heads, upgraded turbos, camshafts, transmission upgrade, bigger throttle bodies etc. The list goes on and on. The cost for all those parts not excluding the labor more than doubles the price of a regular 2015 Nissan GT-R priced at $103,365. All in all according to AMS performance the Alpha Omega costs about $225,000 to make one.


But to be able to lay claim as “King of the R35  Jungle”makes it all worth it in the end. The previous GT-R Record for the quarter mile to the best of our knowledge was ETS Systems out of Vancouver, WA in their R35 with a quarter mile run in 7.64 seconds at 192 MPH. That video is posted below.