Ford Shelby GT350R Has Carbon Fiber Wheels Standard

Ford Shelby GT350R Has Carbon Fiber Wheels Standard
Ford Shelby GT350R Has Carbon Fiber Wheels Standard /

Only one other car manufacturer has carbon fiber wheels and it’s Koenigsegg for Gob’s sake

Ford really wants you to think of the Ford Shelby GT 350R as one of the most track capable muscle cars out their (eyes squarely looking at you Camaro ZL1) so they kicked it up a notch (BAM!) Ford announced earlier today ( July 10, 2015) that they are offering carbon fiber wheels as standard on the 2015 Ford Shelby GT350R. Yes, standard. That doesn’t mean, “check this box if you want upgraded wheels.” It comes with the entire package.

According to Ford,

"Ford and Australian supplier Carbon Revolution took on the challenge of crafting the first mass-produced, track-capable carbon fiber wheels as standard equipment for Shelby GT350R. Designed, developed and tested with the highest of quality standards in mind, these first-of-a-kind wheels deliver unprecedented chassis performance, massive weight savings, and improved driving dynamics."

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Carbon Revolution wheels are a relatively new company when it comes to supplying auto manufacturers but since 2013, they’ve achieved global OEM standards for component supply. Their wheels have been used by Redback Racing during their racing endeavors in the Targa Tasmania and even Jay Leno himself gave it his nod of approval when a set where featured on Jay Leno’s Garage in August last year.

Shedding weight is important to gain a competitive edge over your competition and finding areas where you can remove weight is always a tough job for engineers. For Ford, switching to Carbon Fiber wheels enabled them to save 52 pounds over the entire weight of the vehicle. According to them, a comparable aluminum wheel weighs in at 33 pounds while a carbon fiber wheel weighs almost half that at 18 pounds. In terms of acceleration and braking, you’d have to have measuring tools to really see the benefits of Carbon Fiber wheels but when it comes to handling, Ford says you’ll definitely see a difference.