Check Out This Portable Pop Up Garage From China

Check Out This Portable Pop Up Garage From China
Check Out This Portable Pop Up Garage From China /

The problem with regular garages is that you had to have a house attached to benefit…but not anymore.

Leave it up to the bright minds over in Asian and Eastern Asian countries to come up with solutions for car ownership in a population which doesn’t know what garage ownership is all about. There’s a video floating around that Trending in China posted earlier this week (July 11, 2015) that showcases a wonderful piece of modern technology that enables anyone with some extra income the ability to cover their car in an exposed parking area without owning a garage.

Storing cars can get to be a problem when there’s a limited amount of space in a city. Additionally, one would hate to see their pride and joy being pummeled by the wind, rain and brutal effects of the sun. Harsh temperatures can brittle plastics, rubber pieces can crack and unnatural UV damage can occur to your tyres over time. Plus everyone likes leaving their car knowing that theirs some type of layer of protection over it. In the western world, we at least have a two car garage or in larger cities, parking garages to store our vehicles. If you’re not so lucky, you have to park your car outside. But with this clever invention, you just back up your car in the regular sized parking space and the device envelops around your car leaving your valued possession impervious to the outside conditions.

2015.7.13 Garage
2015.7.13 Garage /

No word on who manufactures it or if you could even buy one in the United States, but Art of Gears will clue you in if there’s an update on that.