This Man Drove His $1000 ’94 BMW 7-Series Across The Country And Back


Buy an older 7-series they said. It will be fun they said. And they where right!

The 1989 BMW 7-series known for playing a cameo role as a Bond car in “Tommorow Never Dies” and being stuffed full of tech when it was first introduced. Thanks to massive amounts of depreciation, it’s used price nowadays has become a siren song of sorts for potential buyers in the used car market. Not only did this one VW Vortex owner buy an E38 BMW for the bargain bin price of $1,000, he drove it from Los Angeles to New York and back without a single problem. Not one issue. Not even a piece of cracked rubber on his license plate. Set out to prove to the world that if you happen across a well maintained used 7-series, you shouldn’t be afraid of possible maintenance issues that have perpetuated like urban myths across the internet.

Supposedly the story was that the OP’s (original poster for those not hip with forum talk) brother had graduated from NYU and was moving back to California. Additionally it looks like OP and his girlfriend were celebrating their two-year anniversary and wanted to do something awesome together. And every American once in their lifetime should drive across this great nation just because. OP combined all those three things plus the love he had for his used $1,000 used E38 into one giant adventure. Here’s a map of their entire journey.

Before the trip, all OP did was replace a radiator and seal the top half of the engine which I assume means changed the head gasket, but I could be wrong. There’s just something noteworthy and memorable for any person to suddenly take a road trip across the continental United States and thoroughly enjoy the trip. There are few times in our life where the destination is the journey, and a road trip certainly fits that bill. Anyone with a bit of money and a reliable car can do it if you have the time carved out. And I guess you can take an E38 BMW and have no troubles.