Kylie Jenner Shows Off Her White Carbon Fiber Range Rover

Kylie Jenner Shows Off Her White Carbon Fiber Range Rover
Kylie Jenner Shows Off Her White Carbon Fiber Range Rover /

Did you know carbon fiber is naturally white and gray?

My little snowball. That’s the name Kylie Jenner has affectionately called her 2014 Range Rover Land Rover Sport. Kylie Jenner took to Instagram earlier today ( July 14, 2015) yo proudly showed off the detail on her white carbon fiber wrap on her beloved SUV. And it looks like Kylie went all out as absolutely everything is wrapped, from the door handles, taillights all the way to the exhaust tips. Even her custom wheels were wrapped (or color matched) with the rest of her exterior. One would think that the heat from the exhaust might melt the plastic wrap (excuse me, carbon fiber wrap) but motorcyclists have been known to wrap their exhausts in a similar type of wrap with successful results (no melting.)

"“White carbon mmmhm.” Ridin round town in the big ol’ rangeeee. Thanks @adidasoriginals for the cute sets (referring to her outfit.)”"

A little over three weeks ago, we first caught glimpse of her white wrapped Range Rover just a couple of months after she got into a little fender bender with another car. It looks like Kylie had planned a rebirth of sorts for the SUV after her original wrap, a matte black finish, was involved in a little collision a few months earlier.

In our opinion, the wrap is interesting to say the least. For one, it’s a great way to get noticed amongst the drab dark colored SUV’s that are literally a dime a dozen in Los Angeles. When you’re only 17, you’ll find any avenue to express yourself and Kylie has done just that. To some people, the wrap might seem a little tacky, but it’s Kylie’s car and she can do whatever she wants to it. Props to King Kylie for being a little gearhead at heart and just doing you.