Richard Rawlings And GMG Accept RoadKill’s Challenge

Richard Rawlings And GMG Accept Road Kill's Challenge
Richard Rawlings And GMG Accept Road Kill's Challenge /

I’ll race ’em in a cardboard box, I don’t care”- Aaron Kaufman

Update: Mighty Car Mods will not be participating in this particular challenge. That is a seperate challenge later next year

After weeks and weeks of goading thanks to fans from Roadkill or Roadkill themselves (Mike Finnegan and David Freiburger) according to Hot Rod Garage earlier today (July 15, 2015), it looks like Richard Rawlings has finally accepted the challenge that Roadkill put out thanks to one if its fans. Roadkill officially put out a challenge to Richard Rawlings personally and the rest of Gas Monkey Garage to a build off of sorts. Details are scarce on the build off, but according to the original challenge it was to build the best junkyard racer in a set period of time and take it on a 1,000-mile road trip.  It was confirmed later on that it would be an 1/8th mile drag race.

In the video posted to Gas Monkey garage’s official You Tube page, a very peeved Richard Rawlings grudgingly accepts the challenge. It looks like one comment in particular pushed him over the edge (in a good way mind you) and got the ball rolling. After his manifesto, Rawlings and the rest of the garage agreed to the challenge.

"“At the end of the day I will prove one thing to you. We’re not chicken S**t car guys who are afraid to gamble. As a matter of fact, I will gamble anything and everything there is to gamble. Just pick!”"

According to Rawlings, “Golly, I hate messing around with people on the Internet because everyone’s got a reason to B***h but…. you guys B****d the loudest so congratulations you guys win the first round and uh, we’re in. We’ll race, let’s go. You just need to tell me what you want to do and how you want to do it. And more importantly when and where and if there are any rules. I don’t care if it’s round and round or circle tracks or road tracks or drag races or first one to go to the moon.”

You’ve got to hand it to Gas Monkey Garage for accepting the challenge and carving out time and money out of their budget to race Motor Trend’s Roadkill show. We’re pretty sure Richard Rawlings is busy to say the least. With a full staff, TV show and restaurant in the mix, time is valuable. But that’s the price you pay for being famous. In addition, hats off to Roadkill and their fans for putting the pressure on Rawlings to effectively, “Man up.” Rawlings is very much an analog sort of man whose not one to succumb to internet gossip and rumors. But he’s also a man whose deed follows his word and hates being called out as a chicken. Either way, everyone wins. Fans, GMG, Mighty Car Mods and Roadkill included.