Check Out Austin Mahone’s Wrapped Range Rover

Check Out Austin Mahone's Wrapped Range Rover
Check Out Austin Mahone's Wrapped Range Rover /

Everyone in Miami has a Range Rover so standing out is the hard part.

2015 Teen Choice Award Male Hottie nominee (ya, that’s an actual award) and all around cool guy Austin Mahone has a thing for car wraps as is the norm for young millennials with plenty of disposable income. Thanks to our friends at Celebrity Car Blogs who clued us in on the tip earlier today (July 7,2016) it looks like the San Antonio-based artist has once again changed the look of his baller Range Rover and Art of Gears has to admit it looks pretty fresh.

In a bid to connect with his fans, Mahone put word out that he needed a new design for his beloved Rover. The winning design came from one Assia Rodriguez who put out this modern art pattern with plenty of vibrant neon hues and tints (can you tell we know nothing about art?) Oftentimes when someone hears the phrase “car wrap” it’s usually one solid matte color or an awful looking cheetah print (not that there’s anything wrong with that.) But less often do us car enthusiasts see designs so full of creativity and color.

If you put this same exact wrap on a BMW Art car (or insert your manufacturer of choice) we probably would love the design just the same. So props to Austin Mahone for having an eye for great design, being an all around nice guy and connecting with your fans. And Art of Gears hopes Assia Rodriguez keeps pulling off these awesome designs because she obviously has a talent for this sort of thing. You heard it here first.

2015.7.16 BMW Art Car
2015.7.16 BMW Art Car /