StanceNation’s 1999 Lexus LS400 Sells For $34,300 [Update]

Stance Nation's 1999 Lexus LS400 Sells For $34,300
Stance Nation's 1999 Lexus LS400 Sells For $34,300 /

In the last year I have driven this car less than 5 miles so I might as well let someone who has more free time than me enjoy it.

Update July 28, 2015- Art of Gears learned that the winning bidder has backed out. The car is still available for sale as of today.

The name Elvis Skender might not ring a bell in your brain but if I mention StanceNation, you know exactly what I’m talking about. One of Elvis’s VIP builds was listed on Ebay with no reserve and recently sold (July 19, 2015) for $34,300. Consider that a bone stock Lexus LS400 with similar kind of mileage as Elvis’s sells for around $4,500 according to KBB. So why did Elvis’s sell for close to eight times the price? The devil is in the details and buying a VIP build from StanceNation’s CEO and founder carries a bit of weight. Call it street cred or just buying a proper build, it looks like VIP cars fetch a handsome sum of cash.

This particular build for Elvis stretches back a couple of years. Back then, it was a different color and before the Aimgain kit and proper set of wheels was installed, it was bone stock. Admittedly on the listing itself, it has only been driven less than five total miles since he completed the build, so it’s safe to say that moving on wasn’t particularly a hard decision. But one look at this Lexus and you’ll see why it’s been a popular showcase car for StanceNation. This particular type of aero kit and stance is more popular in Japan and rarely seen in the United States. The goal of the build was to bring some of that Japanese eye for fitment, style and flare to the West Coast, and it looks like it was mission accomplished. Listed below is a partial list of what’s on the car and subsequently, what was sold.

  • Aimgain Front Bumper, sides, and rear bumper
  • Custom Headlights, hood, fenders, doors and trunk
  • 326Power & StanceNation Coilovers
  • Futura Design Big Brake Kit
  • Work Wheels Meister M1
  • Toyo Proxes T1R

Check out this video showcasing its trick taillights before it was repainted.

Art of Gears caught this particular build in San Jose during a car show last year. Check out the clip below.