Upgraded: 2016 Scion tC Gets More Tech And Better Touchpoints

Upgraded: 2016 Scion tC Gets More Tech And Better Touchpoints
Upgraded: 2016 Scion tC Gets More Tech And Better Touchpoints /

Scion sold 1,418 tC’s last month. And that’s their best selling model.

It looks like parent company Toyota isn’t throwing much of a budget Scion’s way as Scion released what their upgraded Scion tC for 2016 looks like. According to Scion, they are throwing an upgraded sound system, nicer touchpoints as well as some new standard features at all 2016 Scion tC’s. You’ll be happy to know that the price hasn’t changed and will remain the same.

2015.7.21 Scion (1)
2015.7.21 Scion (1) /

"The new standard audio system features a large 7-inch Pioneer touchscreen Display Audio system with AM/FM/HD radio, voice recognition, Bluetooth hands-free and streaming audio, and the Aha app which provides access to 100,000 Internet radio options.Also new to the interior of the tC are new silver interior door handles, a new center console tray cover and a leather-wrapped shift knob."

2015.7.21 Scion (3)
2015.7.21 Scion (3) /

In addition, all 2016 Scion tC’s will come with remote start with a button on all key fobs as well as rear wiper no longer optional but standard on all tC’s. Scion touts their MSRP as being a thrill-to-value proposition. If you opt for the six-speed you can get into a tC for $19,385 (adding an automatic adds $1,150 to your overall price.) If you could quantify thrill into a measurable unit and divided it by $19,385, that ratio would be much larger than you could have with other comparable coupes.

The Scion tC has always been an attractive option for young adults looking to grab a new set of wheels. With a pokey 2.5 liter engine making an unstressed 179 HP and 172 lbs-ft of torque, there’s plenty of power to get you through any situation. It’s styling has remained largely unchanged since 2011, but it doesn’t need to change all that much, keeping its muscular yet sporty looks.

Is the a sign of the times for the tC? With lagging sales amongst all its models, hopefully some sales from the new Scion iA and iM will bring a cash injection into the brand that will trickle down some of that profit into the R&D coffers of the tC.