Rumor: Kia Close To Unveiling 390 HP GT Concept

Rumor: Kia Close To Unveiling 390 HP GT Concept
Rumor: Kia Close To Unveiling 390 HP GT Concept /

Four doors, 390 HP and RWD? Where do I sign?

Since the Kia K900 sedan isn’t selling so well, it looks like Kia is reaching back a few years to a concept car that actually made more sense. According to our automotive friends over at the Telegraaf on their report earlier yesterday (July 22, 2015) on the authority of their inside man within Kia, Kia may be dusting off the GT concept and pushing it towards production sooner rather than later. That particular concept debuted almost exactly four years ago with rave reviews from auto journalists and fans of the brand. Back then rumors ran amok that this concept was ready for production. Is it deja-vu all over again or are the rumors really true?

2015.7.23 GT
2015.7.23 GT /

"A lazy day by the sea, the smell of black coffee, the feel of a luxurious leather briefcase, the ticking of a precision watch …You’ll find the GT is full of clues like these. The sophisticated interior combines effortless minimalism with exuberance. Like the carefully layered dashboard which houses the instrument cluster with transparent organic LED technology. It unites a myriad of features using fewer dials and switches. Even the seemingly floating seats are the result of meticulous craftsmanship and innovative thinking."

According to Kia’s insider, the production model won’t debut anytime soon and you can wait for the L.A. Auto show or Detroit Auto Show for a production prototype to bare its face. Admittedly, they said the American market is the largest market for RWD vehicles. So you’re welcome rest of the world.

2015.7.23 GT 5
2015.7.23 GT 5 /
2015.7.23 GT 3
2015.7.23 GT 3 /
2015.7.23 GT 2
2015.7.23 GT 2 /

Back when it was introduced in 2011, underneath its bonnet was a turbocharged V6 derived from it’s close cousin, the Hyundai Genesis coupe (which it shared similar dimensions with.) That power unit was making 390 HP and 394 lb-ft of Korean torque. Bibimbap! All that power was routed through an eight-speed automatic, which back then sounded so avante-garde but today would be par for the course. You can thank Peter Schreyer for the styling.

But will it sell better than the $54,500 K900’s of which they’ve only sold 168 units in June? If they price it much lower and give us a RWD four door we can use….yes.