Man Selling SRT Hellcat With $30K Premium Because VIN Ends In ‘666’

Man Selling SRT Hellcat With $30K Premium Because VIN Ends In '666'
Man Selling SRT Hellcat With $30K Premium Because VIN Ends In '666' /

There’s only one SRT Hellcat with a VIN that ends in ‘666’ and this guy owns it.

The MSRP for a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat will run you about $60,990. According to Craigslist and Autoblog on their post earlier today (July 27, 2015) one Louisville resident is tacking on another $30K to his 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat because the VIN ends in ‘666.” If you didn’t already know, 666 is commonly attributed to being the number for the king of the underworld (a.k.a. Beelzebub) and as the name Hellcat has the word ‘Hell’ in it, it would stand to reason that this is one special Challenger. Too bad it wasn’t painted red, instead it was in a bright green lime. And if you where wondering, the name Hellcat takes its inspiration from the carrier based fighter aircraft from WWII.

2015.7.27 Hellcat (3)
2015.7.27 Hellcat (3) /
2015.7.27 Hellcat (2)
2015.7.27 Hellcat (2) /

Autoblog points out that the only thing that makes this car unique are the VIN’s, which happens to be unique on every single car made in existence including these fire breathing SRT’s. But who knows. Someone out there might actually take a shine to this unique VIN and cough up the dough for it. According to the advertisement,

"One of a kind Dodge Challenger Hellcat with VIN 666. This car is sure to become a collector’s item and will only increase in value. Car is still in the wrapper with all documentation to include warning tags, shipping documents, window sticker, and build sheet."

A credit to the seller, the cars seems untouched with nary a burnout on the tires and all the original documentation still in place. We at Art of Gears recommend that if this lovely bit of kit remains unsold after awhile, to unleash the hounds….err…cats of Hell and enjoy this Hellcat yourself.