Aston Martin DB5 Valued At $1.5 Million Suffers Wreck

Aston Martin DB5 Valued At $1.5 Million Suffers Wreck
Aston Martin DB5 Valued At $1.5 Million Suffers Wreck /

Avert your eyes if you don’t wish to see such a travesty.

Accidents happen and that’s why we have insurance but why does this happen to some of the best cars out there? According to our good friends over at GT Spirit with their feature earlier today (July 29, 2015) it seems an Aston Martin DB5 (yes the same exact model they used in ‘Gold Finger’ and made another appearance in ‘Sky Fall’) suffered serious front end damage after crashing into a Vauxhall Astra (our Ford Focus equivalent.) Fortunately, the driver and passenger, although treated for minor injuries at a local hospital, where not seriously hurt where serious medical attention would be required.

Check out Daily Mail’s coverage for more high resolution photos!

According to reports, the crash happened very close to Manchester airport. As of this time, there are no real reasons why they crashed in the first place. From photos that came in, we can see extensive damage caused by a light pole near to the crash scene.

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There’s a bit of sunshine in the dreary rain of the situation as the damage does seem repairable, although it will require a pretty penny and plenty of body work. The Aston Martin DB5 isn’t made from any regular material, but a Magnesium alloy which makes it both strong and lightweight (and a bit more expensive to repair.) In addition, the all aluminum 4.0-liter engine will most likely have to be sourced or seriously repaired if salvageable.

Such is the life of cars that are driven on the streets. While we’d rather see cars in perfect condition, driving in and of itself poses an inherrent risk. And although we’re sad to see such an example reduced to a mangled heap, we’re glad the owner was taking it around anyways.