Chris Brown Now Owns A 2015 Rezvani Beast With 500 HP

Chris Brown Now Owns A 2015 Rezvani Beast With 500 HP
Chris Brown Now Owns A 2015 Rezvani Beast With 500 HP /

Its promo video urges you to “Unleash your beast.” No Chris. Nooo!

If you haven’t heard of the Rezvani Beast, you’re not alone. According to our motoring friends over at Celebrity Car Blog on their piece they dropped earlier today (Aug. 2, 2015) it looks like Chris Brown is now the proud owner of this 500 HP rebodied Ariel Atom. Chris Brown even Instagrammed a couple of promo shots of the Rezvani Beast with the tagline, “Had to get something new.”  Check out the exclusive Instagram photos below along with all his commenters wishing many happy miles ahead of the 26-year-old American recording artist.

Starting out at an MSRP of $165,000 it’s just about $100 grand more than a standard Ariel Atom. For that amount of money, Revzani takes the standard turbocharged 2.4 liter Honda engine found in the Atom and throws on a bigger turbo and a crank-driven Rotrex Supercharger to carry on where the turbo misses a beat. All in all, the twin charged supercar makes 500 HP to the rear wheels with power routed through a six-speed manual transmission. If Chris Brown gives it the beans from a standstill, he can hit 60 MPH in 2.7 seconds. If Karruche Tran starts hitting up Chris Brown for an increase in child payments for Royalty, with a top speed of 165 MPH, Brown can certainly make a quick getaway to Tijuana.

In addition, Rezvani has kindly outfitted the stock Ariel Atom with functional carbon -fiber body pieces that are not only meant to cover up the Atom’s exoskeleton, but aid in providing a bit of downforce and make you feel like this is an actual car and not a glorified go-kart.

Here’s the catch. The Rezvani Beast is stripped of drivers aids. That means no electronic intervention. The only input limiting you from driving off a cliff is your hands and the brain attached to your hands. Then again, the Ariel Atom doesn’t have drivers aids either.  We hope Chris Brown has scheduled a couple of track days to get the lay of the land with this beast of a car (pun intended) otherwise he’ll be spinning his tires trying to tame this 500 HP supercar.  Check out their promo video below.