SE Trim Level: 2016 Honda Odyssey With Vac And Video For $33,375

SE Trim Level: 2016 Honda Odyssey With Vac And Video For $33,375
SE Trim Level: 2016 Honda Odyssey With Vac And Video For $33,375 /

Honda’s Special Edition Trims means the Honda Vac and Rear entertainment can be had for thousands less.

In a move that we’ve seen all to well from Honda before they reveal the next generation of a current model Honda announced a special edition trim level for the 2016 Honda Odyssey. According to a press release Honda dropped on us earlier yesterday (Aug. 4, 2015) included in the $34,255 starting MSRP for the Honda Odyssey SE are all the features that Odyssey owners loved but were only available on higher trim levels. So SE trim includes satellite radio, a rear entertainment system and HondaVAC (Honda’s in car vacuum system that was previously restricted to the Touring Elite Model.) The only issue if you wanted the HondaVAC was that you had to pony up $45,000 for the top of the line trim level as you couldn’t just option it out.

2015.8.4 SE 2
2015.8.4 SE 2 /

"Integrated in the rear cargo area of the vehicle, the HondaVAC™ includes an extendable hose that can reach every interior corner of the vehicle. Two separate head attachments expand versatility, while a removable debris canister and replaceable filter bag makes maintaining the vacuum easy. To protect the vehicle battery’s state of charge, the HondaVAC™ runs up to eight minutes when the vehicle’s ignition is in Accessory mode – or continuously if the engine is running."

In addition, Honda pretty much announced that next year they’ll be introducing a new generation of their Honda Odyssey. If Honda continues to add value to this next generation Honda Odyssey, they should continue to sell well and possibly take the crown from Toyota Sienna which historically has always sold a couple hundred more units over Sienna. But such was not the case last month in July when Honda Odyssey sold 1,435 more units compared to Sienna. We expect to see Honda possibly stuff its 3.5 liter V6 with Earth Dreams technology to increase power and efficiency and either increase automatic speeds to seven or throw in a CVT. Expect the changes to differentiate it as much as possible from Honda’s new Pilot.

2015.8.4 SE 3
2015.8.4 SE 3 /