San Francisco Street Light Felled By Urine Narrowly Misses Driver

San Francisco Street Light Felled By Urine Narrowly Misses Driver
San Francisco Street Light Felled By Urine Narrowly Misses Driver /

Foruntaly, no one was hurt.

Who do you blame for a lamp post falling on your car on your way to work? According to SF Gate on their piece earlier yesterday (Aug. 5 2015), one commuter had the city’s utilities commission as well as SF’s less than classy residents (and their pets) who decided that instead of holding in their urine, it would be OK to pee on a nearby lamp post instead. According to the report, the problem of decaying light poles has been a concern for many San Francisco residents for quite some time now. Made out of high strength steel and aluminium, these three story tall lamp posts could only take so much corrosion from human and animal urine before succumbing to forces of mother nature and falling over after having no structural support. According to SF Public Utilities Commission spokesperson Tyrone Jue, ”

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"“We believe there was some contribution of dog or human urine on the base of the pole.It has actually been an issue for us in the past. We encourage people and dogs alike to do their business in other places, like a proper restroom or one of our fire hydrants, which are stronger and made out of cast iron.”"


We’re also pretty sure that he didn’t suggest humans too should relieve themselves on fire hydrants, but it stands to reason that if no one is around and you absolutely have to go, go on a fire hydrant instead. The PUC is doing everything in its power to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. They’ve literally gone around the entire city and inspected over 25,000 individual lights with 100 already being replaced.

So the next time you’re driving in the City, stay alert of your immediate driving surroundings as you never know when an errant lamp post might fall out of nowhere. In addition, if you catch anyone taking a #1 on our precious lights, a friendly reminder not to do that in the future can go a long way for everybody.