Watch This Cyclist Crash Into A Porsche Panamera That Might’ve Saved His Life

Watch This Cyclist Crash Into A Porsche Panamera That Might've Saved His Life
Watch This Cyclist Crash Into A Porsche Panamera That Might've Saved His Life /

Some are calling it an unfortunate accident while others say that the Porsche might’ve saved him from a much harsher injury.

When you’re careening down hills at speeds touching 60 MPH in some races while fighting fatigue, suffering a mechanical malfunction can be downright life-threatening. According to Velo News on their piece that hit the web earlier this week (Aug. 8, 2015) MTN-Qhubeka cyclist Matt Brammeier suffered a high-speed crash on Stage 6 of the Tour of Utah that saw the 30-year-old professional T-bone a Porsche Panamera support vehicle. According to eyewitnesses, Brammeier was trying his hardest to catch up with the lead group of cyclists on Guardsman Pass in Big Cottonwood Canyon when suddenly he lost control of his bike with what some are chalking up to a brake failure. One fan was quick enough to catch the entire incident on video. The entire ordeal can be a little shocking, so please watch at your discretion.

While the crash was an overall awful situation that played out, a few commenters are nothing that if the support Porsche Panamera wasn’t in that spot to begin with, Matt Brammeier very well may have straight rode off that corner into the surrounding trees below. One commenter who was there stated,

"I drove past this corner an hour ago. All that is past this corner is a steep drop off with nothing but rocks and trees. He definitely would have been hurt badly or killed if he hadn’t hit the Porsche."

Matt Brammeier suffered multiple injuries to his musculoskeletal system as well as rib fractures on both of his sides and on the small pneumothorax. In addition, Brammeier suffered fractures on his sacral and pelvic bones. According to his team doctor, he didn’t suffer any neck or head injuries. Brammeier is currently listed as stable and is expected to recover. Brammeier was kind enough to post a little update photo for his teammates and fans. Keep fighting Brammeier!