Spoiled Brat Torches His Gifted Ferrari 458 Because It’s Too Old

Spoiled Brat Torches His Gifted Ferrari 458 Because It's Too Old
Spoiled Brat Torches His Gifted Ferrari 458 Because It's Too Old /

In hindsight the plan was airtight, but execution left something to be desired.

Apparently  there’s a world where twenty-year-old kids with very rich parents get gifted Ferrari 458’s for there birthday. According to Unilad on their piece earlier yesterday ( Aug. 10, 2015) a Swiss youth was so upset with his father’s choice of a Ferrari 458 for his birthday that he decided that the best way to deal with the situation wasn’t to just communicate with his Father like a normal human being, but rather to set a most devious plan that involved setting this precious piece of Italian engineering ablaze.

"But this sports car, yet only built three years ago, no longer suited him. For a new model came out. Problem: his car was worth more than 190,000 francs."

According to reports, a dealer that the youth knew decided to collude on an insurance scam that his father and investigators had to believe. The youth paid $15,000 to the dealer and a colleague to drive the car to nearby Germany and set the car on fire in an industrial area. To make an alibi for himself, the youth went to a massage parlor to wait out the time. Unfortunately for him, authorities listened in on cell phone conversations between the dealer and the youth as well as the whole incident was caught on surveillance cameras. Most likely they caught the Ferrari being driven off from France to Germany and monitored cameras along their route.

In court, it was revealed that the kid gets an equivalent of about $10,000 a month in allowance from his Father and already owns 15 other cars of similar caliber to the Ferrari. He was slapped with a 22-month suspension and a $30,000 fine. His accomplices received 14-16 month probations.  We have a feeling that he won’t have really learned his lesson.