Cat Survives 150 Mile Trip Under The Hood Of A Mercedes

Cat Survives 150 Mile Trip Under The Hood Of A Mercedes
Cat Survives 150 Mile Trip Under The Hood Of A Mercedes /

Some people say cat’s have nine lives. This one know has eight.

And in other amazing cat news on the internet, here’s another one to tell your friends around the water cooler. According to The Mirror on their piece they dropped earlier yesterday (Aug. 11, 2015) it seems a four-year-old tabby managed to survive a 150 mile trip under the hood of this Mercedes as well as spending a couple of hours at a repair shop. Check out the picture they snapped below.

Apparently the owner of the Mercedes had just picked up his car at the local repair shop and went on his normal driving routine that included a round trip excursion that roughly amounted to a good 150 miles. Along the way, the engine warning light came on so the owner of the car returned to the shop to have the mechanics take a look at it. The next day, a mechanic performed a short road test on the Mercedes before poking his way around the engine bay. According to the mechanics on facebook

"After a short road test today, MONDAY our Mechanic opened the bonnet to find Fur wrapped around the fan belt, which had come off the bottom pully? THEN he noticed a pair of eyes staring up at him! He called the RSPCA in case it was injured, but thankfully it was’nt.. After removing the bottom cover we were able to coax him out.He, (the Cat) was chipped, but this was found to be out of date. Other than dehydrated and obviously shaken he seemed ok."

The owner of the cat who happened to be the neighbor of the Mercedes owner thinks that Darcy (the name of the cat) happened to look for shelter in the neighbor’s Mercedes and just got stuck. The best part is, “When he got back home he acted as though nothing had happened.” Typical of cats. A traumatic experience and cats shrug it off. A loud sound and cats run like the world’s about to end. We’re glad this story had a happy ending.