Monterey Car Week: 2016 Acura NSX In Nouvelle Blue Pearl

Monterey Car Week: 2016 Acura NSX In Nouvelle Blue Pearl
Monterey Car Week: 2016 Acura NSX In Nouvelle Blue Pearl /

Out in the wild for the first time is the 2016 Acura NSX in stunning Nouvelle Blue Pearl

It seems like every year Acura has a much larger presence at all the festivities that compromise Monterey Car Week and this year is no different. According to Acura’s social media accounts earlier today (Aug. 14, 2015) it looks like Acura is showcasing its Nouvelle Blue Pearl color next to the Valencia Red Pearl NSX’s they’ve been driving around and parading for the past couple of months. Check out the exclusive photo linked below.

Earlier yesterday and probably much earlier in the week, Acura’s contingent of vehicles arrived in Northern California ready for the festivities. It’s safe to say that Honda brough the most expensive vehicle to Monterey with their newly launched HondaJet being jokingly called the Honda Civic of the sky (more for its fuel efficiency than its price.) Priced at $4.5 million dollars, it’s not exactly chump change either. Here’s a picture Acura tweeted out to the world showcasing their NSX next to the HondaJet with a replica 2015 McLaren-Honda MP4-30 Formula 1 Racecar. In addition, they tweeted another picture during the daytime sans Formula 1 car.

Believe it or not, Acura will have a major presence in Monterey throughout the weekend. Out on Mazda Raceway a.k.a. Laguna Seca will be Comptech Racing’s Spice Acura GTP Lights Racecar fully restored and hankering for a win for Acura at the historics. In addition Gil de Ferrarn’s 2009 Acura LMP1 car will be on display. At the Carmel-By-The Sea Concours event, Acura will have it’s entire lineup of cars and as previously mentioned at Gordan McCall’s Motorworks Revivial, Honda’s HondaJet, NSX and F1 car will be on display.