Donald Trump’s 1991 Acura NSX Sells On eBay For $48,200

Donald Trump's 1991 Acura NSX Sells On Ebay For $48,200
Donald Trump's 1991 Acura NSX Sells On Ebay For $48,200 /

An Acura NSX that Donald Trump owned briefly before giving to his then girlfriend Marla Maples sold for a little over $48,200

If you’re Donald Trump, one of the best ways to woo a girl is to buy her a practical Japanese supercar. According to an eBay listing that ended yesterday (Aug. 16,2015) it looks like this black 1991 Acura NSX that the Trump himself purchased sold for $48,200. It looks like the seller was pretty adamant and set on the price as the starting bid for this one of a kind supercar was just $200 less at $48,000.  The winning bidder put in his bid about five hours before polls closed so congrats to him. Granted this isn’t a Buick LeSabre once owned by Jon Voight, but still, this is quite a steal.

According to the owner,

"In 2005, I purchased this black on black 1991 Acura NSX on eBay directly from Marla Maples.  She kept this car for over twice the time she was with Donald.  Smart woman.  Despite what the “autocheck” vehicle history indicates, I am the second  owner, not the third owner!There’s a story behind this car, but out of respect for both Marla and Mr. Trump these details will not be published here."

This particular Acura NSX isn’t anything special as far as NSX’s go. It’s not showroom quality nor does it have low mileage on it. When the seller first took ownership of this Acura NSX, it had 35,000 miles on the odometer and he proceeded to put on another 46,000 as the NSX lends itself to be a very practical supercar to own and enjoy. But since the seller just sold his home, it looks like everything had to go, including this NSX. And talk about a charitable owner. According to the listing, “20% of net proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross. – a deserving Organization.”

2015.8.17 NSX 2
2015.8.17 NSX 2 /
2015.8.17 NSX 3
2015.8.17 NSX 3 /

And by the looks of things, Trump connection or not, Acura NSX’s will only increase in value over time. That’s according to Hagerty (see chart below.) Thanks to a new Acura NSX coming out and increased demand for future classic Japanese imports, used NSX’s have seen a rise in value over the past couple of years. And since they’re bulletproof imports despite many being driven regularly, they hold up well over time.

2015.8.17 NSX 4
2015.8.17 NSX 4 /