Debut: 2016 Honda BR-V Concept Drops At GIIAS

Debut: 2016 Honda BR-V Concept Drops At GIIAS
Debut: 2016 Honda BR-V Concept Drops At GIIAS /

Although it’s not coming to the American market, the 2016 Honda BR-V debuts in Indonesia and we’re just a bit curious.

The Honda BR-V is a small SUV that fits somewhere in between the Honda HR-V and the Honda CR-V. Honda decided to drop by the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show earlier today according to an official press release (Aug. 20, 2015) to pull the wraps off this seven seater meant for Asian markets only. Granted, anytime any car manufacturer unveils a vehicle that won’t be coming to America, we tend to get all huffed and puffed about not showing the American market some love, but this is not the case with the BR-V. It’s downright tiny inside.

If you where wondering, BR-V stands for Bold Runabout Vehicle. You’d be bold if you volunteered to be the seventh passenger to take the middle seat in the back is all we’re saying. Jokes aside, there is a need for quality people carriers in South-East Asian markets, so thus the BR-V was unveiled and ready for production. Powering this people mover is a 1.5-liter i-Vtec engine good for 120 HP and 110 lb-ft of torque. That same engine is found in the Honda City and a variant of that motor is found in the USDM Honda Fit. Paired to the pokey 1.5 will be a CVT or six-speed manual. The first initial photos hitting the internet show a very stylish small SUV. The front end is typical Honda design language with sharp tapered wraparound headlights. The side profile is home to 16-inch alloy wheels but we can see smaller 15 inch steel wheels with hubcaps being base fare. Outback, it’s flat with probably a bit of storage (but not much) behind the third row. Inside, it’s typical Honda quality, but nothing to write home about (a.k.a. very economical.) We’ll gladly take a Pilot thank you very much.