Fernando Alonso Enjoys A Honda Civic Type R Before The Belgian GP

Fernando Alonso Enjoys A Civic Type R Before The Belgian GP
Fernando Alonso Enjoys A Civic Type R Before The Belgian GP /

Take your mind off those grid penalties Fernando and hit some VTEC.

The mid-season break is over for Formula 1 and that means drivers are back raring to go. Before free practice starts picking up, according to McLaren F1 on twitter earlier today (Aug. 20,2015) , it looks like their ace Fernando Alonso took some time to enjoy a brand spankin’ new Honda Civic Type R. Alonso even posted up a photo of him next to the 306 HP beast on his personal Instagram and was all smiles. There have been a couple of rumors floating around that this Civic Type R was actually ‘Nando’s personal Civic, but it looks like he was just trying it out as they still had Belgian plates on them. It would stand to reason that if he did actually get one, he would test drive it in either Switzerland or Oviedo, Spain where he resides.

The Spainard as well as the rest of the McLaren Honda team probably have a lot on their minds as they enter the Belgian GP. Fortunately, they entered the mid-season break on a good note with Alonso finishing fifth snagging 10 points and his teammate Jenson Button sliding into ninth place garnering two more points, that being the first time the team has found both drivers scoring during a GP.

Honda has a revised power unit to show off in Spa this weekend as much of the break was spent developing their ICE unit to produce more power and get the engine competitive enough to be a front runner. Their emotions are guarded and Honda has admitted that they don’t expect to see massive gains over their previous races. Regardless, we’re still curious to see how fast this new power unit will bring them. It’s their seventh engine by the way, two more than they’re supposed to have for the season and that means grid penalties for both their drivers.

And did you know that each power unit has its own twitter account? Here’s Alonso’s power unit tweeting his introduction before the Belgian GP.