Only LaFerrari In North America Is Up For Sale

Only LaFerrari In North America Is Up For Sale
Only LaFerrari In North America Is Up For Sale /

The only LaFerrari in North America is officially on the market.

When there are only 500 of anything in the world, whatever it is will demand some sort of premium to get it. According to our motoring friends over at, they caught wind earlier yesterday (Aug. 21, 2015) that North America’s only LaFerrari hit the market thanks to the fine men and women at Naples Motorsports in sunny Florida. The MSRP on a LaFerrari straight from the factory costs a staggering $1.416 million. But for the privilege of owning this lmiited edition supercar here on this side of the world, it’ll cost you a cool $5 million. And that’s all before taxes.

2015.8.22 LaFerrari
2015.8.22 LaFerrari /

Such is the life of used supercars, especially when they are in such high demand. With only 200 miles on the odometer, it looks like the previous owner never got the chance to enjoy it much. The way we see it, he probably turned it over for a quick profit as is the case for luxury goods of this caliber.

In comparison, the lowly McLaren P1, according to Autoblog a couple months back, was demanding only a $500 thousand premium. The Porsche 918 demanded $335 thousand over list price. Even the more readily available Porsche Macan was asking for $10 thousand premiums.

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Then again, this is no ordinary car. Bristling from it’s 6.3 V12 engine is 789 HP at 9000 RPM and 516 lb-ft at 6750 rpm. 0-60 takes less than three seconds and terminal velocity touches 217 MPH. Mama mia. We imagine that if most of your earnings were tied up in such a car, you wouldn’t enjoy it as much knowing just how many there are and how much you paid for it. We’d love to see whomever takes ownership of one to handily thrash it around just because. Nothing lasts forever.