Watch Calvin Wan Drift His BMW M3 With Both His Kids

Watch Calvin Wan Drift His BMW M3 With Both His Kids
Watch Calvin Wan Drift His BMW M3 With Both His Kids /

Former Formula D podium winner Calvin Wan made an appearance at Word Up Stockton with his entire family for a day of drifting.

Word Up! by Fatlace recently had its penultimate drift event at the San Joaquin Fairgrounds in Stockton, California. Browsing youtube we caught wind earlier today (Aug. 24, 2015) that Calvin Wan was straight whipping it in California’s safest city a couple weeks back. The former Formula D podium winner and all around world’s coolest dad , brought out his daily driven BMW M3 as well as his entire family (yup wife and two kids) to the fairgrounds for a bit of drifting fun. Thankfully iPhilms from Motor Mavens was there to stick some cameras around the entire M3 and capture the mayhem (or lack thereof) that happened. Check out the video below!

Right from the get go, it’s all light-hearted as that iconic Sesame Street song popularized by Bip Bippadotta serves as the background music for the entire drifting montage (it’s this one btw.) After Calvin Wan straps on some FIA approved bike helmets on his offspring, he proceeds to make his way out onto the drift pad. You’d think his kids would be crying, shouting and making a fuss the entire time, but nope! All we hear are shouts of pure uninhibited glee. Once Calvin comes into the pits, it’s all smiles on the faces of these two kids.

2015.8.24 Calvin Wan
2015.8.24 Calvin Wan /

Calvin Wan is the real deal ladies and gentleman. He’s probably most known for capturing first place at Sonoma during his time with Falken Tire Motorsports a little over ten years ago in the team’s Nissan G35. To our knowledge, Wan is still very much active in the drift community, making appearances as guest judge in the pro-am circuit. Here’s Wan mixing it up with also former Formula D champ Tanner Foust below.