Watch Bridge To Gantry Chase An Alfa Romeo Giulia

Watch Bridge To Gantry Chase An Alfa Romeo Giulia
Watch Bridge To Gantry Chase An Alfa Romeo Giulia /

Living close to the Nurburgring has its perks.

It’s been no secret that the newly introduced Alfa Romeo Giulia has been testing and refining its chassis on the roads of the Nurburgring. YouTuber and auto writer ‘Bridge to Gantry’ dropped a video earlier this week (Aug. 24, 2015) showcasing his Leon Cupra 280 hotlapping the Nurburgring right behind the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV. This is the first time to our knowledge that anyone has gotten this close to one at full clip. In one corner, we have BTG’s Leon Cupra hot hatch ready and willing with 280 HP and 258 lb-ft of torque. The Alfa Romeo Giulia has already made its debut and it’s packing a Ferrari derived twin-turbo V6 good for 510 HP and will hit 60 MPH 1.1 seconds faster than the 280. It’s really no match, but the video is an awful lot of fun to watch. Check out the full nine minute video below!

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Right from the get go, the Alfa jumps out and proceeds to book it from the straight. Two minutes into the run, the test driver in the QV signals to let the “hot on his heels” Leon Cupra 280 to pass, which BTG finally does. In a move that only Maverick from Top Gun could pull off, BTG hits the brakes and let’s the Alfa fly right by. When they both hit the straight parts of the Ring, the Alfa effortlessly pulls away, as it should but the Leon Cupra 280 gives chase nonetheless.

One things for sure. The Alfa Romeo Giulia can handle and handle quite well. Whether or not Alfa will post a hot lap has yet to be determined. If they are, rest assured they’ll have the BMW M4’s time of 7:50 in its gun sights.