Price Cut: 2016 Subaru BR-Z Starts Out At $26,190 With STARLINK Standard

Price Cut: 2016 Subaru BR-Z Starts Out At $26,190 With STARLINK Standard
Price Cut: 2016 Subaru BR-Z Starts Out At $26,190 With STARLINK Standard /

Subaru cuts a whopping $300 from the Subaru BRZ and throws in a bit more tech.

Good news if you’re in the market for a 2016 Subaru BR-Z as the Japanese conglomerate has graced our pocketbooks with an extra $300. According to Subaru on an official press release that hit the web earlier yesterday ( Aug. 28, 2015) it looks like their entry level RWD coupe received a modest price cut as well as Subaru’s Starlink 6.2 inch multimedia system and a standard rear view camera. Additionally, limited trim models get a body-color trunk spoiler, fog lights and Alcantara-trimmed interior, illuminated vanity mirrors, front door courtesy lights and Keyless access. But wait, there’s more. Limited spec BRZ’s also get an upgraded HVAC system from their premium model lineup that includes the Premium’s all weather package with heated front seats and mirrors.

The $300 price cut, in our opinion, is just a nice little marketing tool to throw to Subaru’s salesmen. $300 hardly keeps up with the rate of inflation, so in a way the BRZ’s price probably stayed exactly the same when you take into the account the strength of the American dollar.

Since the powertrain and suspension haven’t been tweaked, we can expect the same sports car dynamics we’ve come to know and love from the FR-S/BR-Z. Subaru calls it the

"…fundamentals of sports car design, emphasizing low vehicle weight, an ultra-low center of gravity and precision steering."

But really, the star of this press release is Subaru’s 6.2-inch multimedia system. Taking cues from smartphones and tablets of today, Subaru’s Starlink system allows you to reorganize on screen icons to suit what you use more. In addition, the multitouch interface is very intuitive and quick to respond. Although the capacitive touch controls can get take some time to get used to, overall it’s one of the best multimedia entertainment systems out their. Toyota has a similar system, but you can only reconfigure the audio icons. Cadillac’s CUE system is almost as good as Subaru’s Starlink system but the BR-Z is less expensive. Consider that you spend a good chunk of your time in the driver’s seat in traffic, and Subaru’s Starlink starts to look impressive making Scion’s Pioneer system down right archaic in comparison.

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