This Google Exec Bought His Wife A Ferrari FXX K For Her Birthday

This Google Exec Bought His Wife A Ferrari FXX K
This Google Exec Bought His Wife A Ferrari FXX K /

VP of Engineering at Google, Benjamin Sloss, just bought his wife a Ferrari FXX-K

When you’re working for arguably one of the most innovative and well-known technology company’s in the world, your paycheck allows you to spoil your loved ones in ways that normal 9-5ers could never do. According to Ben Sloss off his official Instagram earlier yesterday (Aug. 30, 2015), he gifted his wife Christine Sloss a $3 million Ferrari FXX-K for her birthday. And it looks like he also let her take a rip around Fiorano, Ferrari’s private race track, on its maiden voyage.

Ben Sloss is no stranger to exotic cars. And neither is his wife. Mr. Sloss is reported to also own a McLaren P1, a LaFerrari and another Ferrari 559XX which he took delivery of after winning an auction to support the victims of an Italian Earthquake that struck Northern Italy back in 2012. His wife Christine is so much a racecar fan that her official Instagram handle is ‘because_race_wife’, a wonderful nod to that internet adage of “because race car” ( in reference to anything done to your car that seems at firsthand not to make sense e.g. why no backseats? Because racecar.) Check out a couple of HER Instagram posts below.

It should be noted that ownership of the Ferrari FXX-K is a bold statement. You actually only get the right to drive it around any racetrack you want as it’s not actually road legal. And you can’t take it home with you as you only have the RIGHT to have it flown from Ferrari’s home base to wherever you want. Based on Ferrari’s equally ultra rare LaFerrari, it does pack a whopping 1,035 HP when paired to its Hybrid powertrain and its large aero pieces up front and out back allow the LaFerrari based racecar to obtain massive amounts of grip. Its aero does make it impossible to go over any speed bump and crash tests are out of the question, hence its road legality.

2015.8.31 Ferrari FXX-K
2015.8.31 Ferrari FXX-K /