Justin Bieber Posted Up On His Liberty Walk Ferrari 458

Justin Bieber Posted Up On His Liberty Walk Ferrari 458
Justin Bieber Posted Up On His Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 /

The Biebs took to Instagram to show off his Ferrari 458

How does a 21-year-old pop icon blow off some steam after a hard night of performing and partying after the VMA’s?  According to an official Instagram post from Justin that dropped earlier yesterday (Aug. 31, 2015) you take a drive in your awesome matte blue Ferrari 458 and sit on the rear fender and throw up some deuces. Check out the official Instagram post below. Just a mere half a day since the post has been up and the Biebs has accumulated over one million favorites and 20,000 comments.

It’s only been two weeks since Justin Bieber took delivery of this awesome Ferrari 458 after it got a bit of custom work done on behalf of West Coast Customs. Before Bieber got work done on his 458, it used to be factory white (blanco avus) but we suppose Bieber got tired of that look and took inspiration from a very popular aero kit making its way around the shows and car meets, the ever growing in popularity Liberty Walk kit. The kit alone costs a cool $30,510. For that you get new front and rear bumpers, a rear diffuser out back as well as a large GT-style wing. Since its all made out of carbon fiber, they don’t add much to the weight of the car. The kit turns a regular Ferrari 458 into a mean street cruising machine.

The young pop artist was recently in the news after being pulled over for having overly tinted windows. According to the Daily Mail, that ticket cost Bieber a whopping $238 plus an additional $25 for the equipment infraction. We’re pretty sure that Justin makes a thousand times that much in his sleep so no worries all around. We think LAPD was just making a statement, no one goes unpunished.