Season 35 Of MotorWeek Set To Premiere With John Davis As Host

Season 35 Of MotorWeek Set To Premiere With John Davis As Host
Season 35 Of MotorWeek Set To Premiere With John Davis As Host /

Sept 12. marks the start of the 35th season of MotorWeek

It’s both hard and not that hard to believe that MotorWeek (Television’s Original Automotive Magazine) has been on the air for more than 34 years but it has. Thanks to a lead from Motor Week’s PR Team earlier today (Sept. 1, 2015) season 35 looks to the future with emphasis on driving technologies that are replacing the tried and true internal combustion engines. That means, Electric, Natural Gas, and Hydrogen power wherever it can be found. Since the show started in 1981, the show has become an encyclopedia of sorts for cars for the last three decades. MotorWeek aims to draw from its rich history by drawing parallels between hot technologies back in the 80’s and what it sees today.

"Season 35 of MotorWeek will draw parallels from the past with on-air retrospectives dating back to the ’80s. The series will also pause from time to time to look back at how far the “family car” has come. With a special anniversary episode and weekly MotorWeek“Flashback” vignettes, this season will look over the vehicles that were cutting-edge back in the ’80s and compare those with vehicles that are cutting-edge today."

In addition, John Davis will be back in front of the camera leading the Motor Week team in reviewing more than 150 new cars and trucks as per usual for the past couple of seasons. Finally, a couple of popular segments will make their return.

If you want to catch the first episode of Motor Week for yourself, head on over to PBS’s TV Station finder as more than 92 percent of PBS stations air MotorWeek nationwide. MotorWeek also airs in Spanish on V-me and can be found on Discovery’s Velocity Channel.

If Television is no longer your thing, surprisingly MotorWeek has a rich archive of videos on-line over on their Youtube Channel with such gems like this ’85 Corolla GT-S review or this ’93 Toyota Supra Turbo review linked below.