This Lotus Evora 400 Agility Game Will Drive You Nuts

This Lotus Evora Agility Game Will Drive You Nuts
This Lotus Evora Agility Game Will Drive You Nuts /

Lotus has unveiled a simple agility test of sorts to test your hand-eye coordination.

Superior hand eye coordination is a characteristic that almost all good drivers have. In celebration of the first few Lotus Evora 400’s rolling off the factory floor, Lotus released a simple game on their official website earlier today (Sept. 3, 2015) that tests your hand-eye coordination all thanks to a simple flash game. The premise of the game is simple. You press and hold down a yellow square and try your best to avoid the onslaught of four other shapes within a confined squared off area as they move in all sorts of seemingly random directions, bouncing off the walls at all angles. Click here to try the game out for yourself.

One minute and twenty-three seconds may not seem like a long time, but that’s currently the world record for how long someone’s gone in the game. Lotus says if you can make it past seven seconds, you have what it takes to handle a new Lotus Evora 400 Supercar. It’s all fun and games but be prepared to waste a couple of minutes getting past seven seconds.

"The reality is that not everyone who wants the new Lotus Evora 400 Supercar should have one. It requires a superior level of hand-eye coordination, reaction times and drivers skills to handle a car that is capable of supreme agility. If you don’t posses them there are other supercar alternatives. If you do, there is only the new Lotus Evora 400 Supercar."

2015.9.3. Lotus 2
2015.9.3. Lotus 2 /

The Lotus Evora 400 is indeed a step up compared to its predecessor. The 2015 Lotus Evora S made 345 HP and 295 lb-ft of torque with a 0-60 MPH time of 4.5 seconds and a maximum speed of 167 MPH. Being masters of lightweight handling, the Lotus Evora S naturally handled very well and was capable of putting much more expensive cars to shame. This time around Lotus has upped the ante with the 3.5 liter supercharged Toyota V-6 mounted midship. Power is bumped up to 400 HP (hence the name) and 302 lb-ft which lowers the 0-60 time by .4 seconds and raises the top speed to 186 MPH. As such, it’s the fastest Lotus they’ve ever made. According to Road and Track, if you “Send an Evora 400 down a proper road and there aren’t many places you’d rather be. Lotus’s rate for converting test drives to sales already stands at 30 percent, three times the norm, and you wouldn’t bet against it pushing higher with the massively improved Evora and expanding U.S. dealer network.”