Honda’s Project 2&4 Is Equal Parts Formula 1 And MotoGP

Honda's Project 2&4 Is Equal Parts Formula 1 And MotoGP
Honda's Project 2&4 Is Equal Parts Formula 1 And MotoGP /

Honda has unveiled official renderings and specs on its Project 2&4

If anyone had any misconception that Honda has lost any inkling of bringing any new and innovative concepts to market will have their minds put at ease. Earlier yesterday ( Sept. 8, 2015) Honda went ahead and unveiled its project 2&4 which combines the fun and excitement of a lightweight go-kart (think Ariel Atom) with the thrill and adventure that is motorcycle racing. And according to Honda, this radical new project aligns right with Honda’s Earth dreams Philosophy.

2015.9.9. Honda 2
2015.9.9. Honda 2 /
2015.9.9. Honda 3
2015.9.9. Honda 3 /

Back in 2011, Honda announced a very loose set of visions which they broadly titled ‘Earth Dreams Technology.’ Other companies have different visions such as Mazda’s SkyActiv technology or Ford’s Ecoboost technology. According to Honda that meant…

"A set of technological advancements which greatly enhanceS both driving performance and fuel efficiency at a high level, using as its base advanced environmental technologies to pursue the joy of driving unique to Honda"

And boy has Honda pulled it off with this unique offering. Set to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this month, Honda has combined pretty much all its best technologies into one package.

2015.9.9. Honda 4
2015.9.9. Honda 4 /

Powering this go-kart for the roads is one of Honda’s legendary MotoGP engines from the RC213V (yah, that one pictured below.) The compact V4 engine makes an impressive 212 HP and 87 lb-ft of torque with peak horsepower coming in at an astounding 13,000 RPM. Keep in mind that all the 212 HP and 87 lb-ft have to propel is a contraption that weighs in at 893 pounds. Stick an average human being in the side and you’re looking at just a tad over 1,000 pounds. If you remember, Ariel Atom’s already use Honda’s K20 four-cylinders so think of this Honda’s take on its own derivative.

2015.9.9. Honda 6
2015.9.9. Honda 6 /
2015.9.9. Honda 4
2015.9.9. Honda 4 /

Rumor is the design of this Project 2&4 was inspired from Honda’s RA271, Honda’s Formula One car back in 1963.

2015.9.9. Honda 5
2015.9.9. Honda 5 /

Project 2&4 is a no-holds-bar fun concept that should bring plenty of attention to Honda in Frankfurt. If and when this car goes to market, it won’t be priced super expensive and plenty of people will be chomping at the bit to give one a proper whipping. We can’t imagine the raw visceral experience having a MotoGP engine right next to your ear must feel like. Well done, Honda. Now let’s see Dani Pedrosa behind the wheel of one!