Cold-Hearted Thieves Steal ’67 Mustang Dragster From San Ramon Resident

Cold-Hearted Thieves Steal '67 Mustang Dragster From San Ramon Resident
Cold-Hearted Thieves Steal '67 Mustang Dragster From San Ramon Resident /

A 69-year-old San Ramon man reportedly had his ’67 Ford Mustang race car stolen right in front of his house.

Check out the social media posted below. If you vaguely recognize that silver BMW, let the authorities of San Ramon, CA know.

Do you want bad karma? Because this is how you get bad Karma. According to our Bay Area friends from the Mercury News on their report earlier yesterday ( Sept. 9, 2015) 69-year-old San Ramon resident Mike Chadwick had his 1967 Ford Mustang modified for drag racing stolen right in front of his house in broad daylight. Along with his Mustang, also stolen was his tow rig truck and trailer. According to some speculations, Mike Chadwick was the target all along and the thieves knew exactly what was being stolen.

2015 was supposed to be Mike Chadwick’s last season of racing because as he puts it, he was getting too old for the hobby. His daughter Krysten Radke was quoted to say,

"“Racing always put a smile on his face.I’ve been handing him wrenches and sockets since I was 8 years old.”“He will be 69 years old next month and he has been saying that this racing season would be his last because he was ‘getting too old for it’.”“He was planning on selling the race car and trailer, worth approximately $150,000 and putting it towards his retirement.”"

According to Mike’s neighbor, he had thought someone was moving the entire truck and trailer (valued at over $150,000) for Mike and managed to snap a photo of the offending car before it sped off. Although the neighbor didn’t call police at the time, the photo of the BMW has been shared multiple times online by friends and family.

According to Frank Sommerville from KTVU, “Some people have been saying who cares that his race car was stolen…. he’ll get money from insurance. Actually that’s not the case. From what I understand only the truck and the trailer were insured. NOT the dragster which is worth more than 100 thousand dollars.”

Eventually, Mike’s ’67 Ford Mustang and the trailer will turn up. Hopefully sooner rather than later.