What This Birmingham Police Officer Did At A Car Meet Will Shock You

What This Birmingham Police Officer Did At A Car Meet Will Shock You
What This Birmingham Police Officer Did At A Car Meet Will Shock You /

A police officer did something totally unexpected at a car meet in Alabama and the internet is “all about that life.”

Click here to check out video from the meet!

When police show up to a local car meet it usually means the fun is over and someone in the city has complained about noise or the surrounding businesses don’t like all the unwanted attention. But thanks to a status update from Micheal Dennison on his local car meet in Alabama earlier yesterday (Sept. 12, 2015) his experience with police couldn’t have turned out better. Instead of rolling through the car meet and issuing citations left and right, this police officer and his Ford Explorer interceptor backed into a spot at the end of a row of cars, popped his hood and invited the rest of the people who came out to the meet to check out his police vehicle. We’ve posted his entire story below and we’ll let you be the judge of this case of policing done right. And if you haven’t already seen the video, click the link above or right here.

"“So I went to a car meeting in Downtown Birmingham. There is 100+ people and about 50 cars in a parking lot under the interstate, everyone has their hood up and we’re all enjoying each other’s company and looking at the cars, and a cop shows up. He slowly makes his way through all of the cars and makes eye contact with everyone there. And we’re all thinking “great, I guess we have to leave” but then he gets to the end of the row, backs up, turns his lights on, opens his hood, then gets out and walks around looking at other people’s cars, letting the children play with the siren, and just talking to everyone. This is the kind of stuff that needs to be seen/shared. This is what officers really are.”"

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If there ever was an instance in police and car meet relations where faith in humanity was restored, this would be that story. A good amount of police press nowadays seems to divide people rather than unite. But a good majority of police work involves, “community policing” where officers look out for the health and welfare of their community in tangible acts of kindness and concern built from a platform of trust cultivated through years of doing simply doing their job. What this police officer did was just that.

And it looks like this happens more often than we think. One commenter stated how,

"I agree 100% when I was kid living in Midfield, I remember the police officers on patrol would stop in the neighborhood and do things like this with us kids. We got to know them and not fear them, we could trust them like we did our parents."

Since Michael’s story is on facebook, giving it a share would go a long way into spreading this awesome instance of good policing around and should inspire a couple of other people to share similar stories. So let’s do our part and share the good news about police rather than what’s sensational.