A Wienermobile Parked Between Two NUTmobiles And The Internet Went Crazy

A Wienermobile Parked Between Two NUTmobiles And The Internet Went Crazy
A Wienermobile Parked Between Two NUTmobiles And The Internet Went Crazy /

It was bound to happen sooner or later.

As far as we know, Kraft foods owns and operates several giant vehicles shaped like Wieners and Nuts colloquially called the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile and the Planters Nutmobile. Earlier today (Sept. 18, 2015) Redditor ladenzor, whose friend drives one of the Wienermobiles, posted a photo on/r/funny showing off the Wienermobile parked quite snuggly between two Planters NUTmobiles. In a manner of hours, the post made it to the front page of reddit (a feat only reserved for the very best internet content) and received over 5,700 upvotes and 910 comments. In any other vehicle, a car parked between two other cars is a daily occurrence that happens millions of times a day without much fanfare. And if you haven’t figured out yet why this particular case of parking isn’t hilarious, it’s absolutely ok. Just ask your nearest male compatriot to clue you in on the somewhat “Not Safe For Work” joke. Check out the photo below courtesy of @Swift2016 off twitter.

Driven by what Kraft calls Hotdoggers, the Wienermobile carries an illustrious history that stretches over 80 years (the first Wienermobile was made in 1936.) As of today, there are eight Wienermobiles that traverse the nation driven by fresh college graduates who are given the job after going through a strict competition that sees more than 2,000 applicants every year. With the opportunity to work for a strong company as well as a nice salary (estimated at $44,000 a year, ) it’s easy to see why so many fight for such a job.

The Peanutmobile is a tad less popular, but popular nonetheless. The giant peanut shaped vehicle is actually older than the Wienermobile by exactly one year, first built in 1935. Currently, there are three giant peanut mobiles that also show up to events across the nation.

2015.9.19 Wienermobile (2)
2015.9.19 Wienermobile (2) /
2015.9.19 Nutmobile
2015.9.19 Nutmobile /

Only rarely will you see both a wienermobile and a nutmobile side by side (except maybe at HQ0 so we should count ourselves lucky that such a parking took place. If you’d like to follow the adventures of these American icons on wheels, following them on twitter is a great place to start as both tweet several times a day where they’re headed and what they’re up to.

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