10 Tips And Tricks That Will Save You Gas Money

Photo Credit: 2016 Ford Fusion Cluster via Ford Motor Company
Photo Credit: 2016 Ford Fusion Cluster via Ford Motor Company /
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#6- If you can’t find a Costco, a few other cheaper brands are just as good.

Don’t be afraid to use Arco gas or any of the other cheaper options out there. At the end of the day all that really matters when you pump gas is that your using the right octane rating. If you’re really concerned about the quality of gas, a good rule of thumb is to check if there station is listed as a Top Tier gas supplier. A couple of manufacturers out there (BMW, General Motors, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Audi) have taken the trouble to identify certain gas suppliers that they are willing to vouch for, for having gone above and beyond the minimum amount of gasoline additives added.

Click here to check out the entire list for yourself. Along with quality brands like Chevron, Texaco and Shell are a few brands that might surprise you like Arco, Exxon and even Costco.

So even if you drive a brand new BMW or Mercedes-Benz it would behoove you to skip those other gas stations and head on over to an Arco or Exxon whom oftentimes sell fuel nine percent less than the other brands.

Keep in mind Arco does charge you a 35 cent fee if you use your debit card. Be proactive and bring cash or head on over to the nearest grocery store, buy something and ask for cash back.

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