10 Tips And Tricks That Will Save You Gas Money

Photo Credit: 2016 Ford Fusion Cluster via Ford Motor Company
Photo Credit: 2016 Ford Fusion Cluster via Ford Motor Company /
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#3- These forgotten maintenance items might be robbing you of your MPG’s

If you notice that you’ve already been getting poor gas mileage, more so than what usually are running and you notice your check engine light on, there’s a good chance that one of these three items or a combination of each might be the culprit. First, hook yourself up with a cheap code reader if your car runs OBDII (1996 and newer.) They can be had online for less than $20. Then read the codes that pop-up. You may see items showing as malfunctioning below.

  1. Mass air flow sensor- The job of mass air flow sensor is to measure the volume of air coming into the engine. From their the engine knows how much gas to give. A dirty sensor means poor MPG’s. You can replace it or clean it with a bit of mass air flow sensor cleaner, both cheap to do.
  2. Oxygen sensors- These measure the exhaust flow after and before the catalytic convertor. Data from these sensors is used to adjust fuel injection levels. A dirty O2 sensor means your car will use more fuel. Replacements are readily available and worth your while to replace.
  3. Air Filter- You may not see your check engine light come on, but a quick inspection of your air filter can save you gas money down the road. A dirty air filter means the proper amount of air isn’t reaching combustion, thus poor engine performance and low MPG’s. Shine a light through your air filter, you should still be able to see light passing through.

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