The 12 Best Bargain Electric Cars

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#3- 2016 Ford Focus EV

Price: $30,045

Range:76 miles

Battery Size:23 kWh

Power: 143 HP and 184 Lb-Ft

If there’s any car that drives a lot like its gas-powered twin, it has to be the 2016 Ford Focus EV. With European styling, a well-equipped interior, quiet driving characteristics and smooth handling, it would behoove you to test drive a Ford Focus EV if you seriously in the market for something unassuming in the EV range. Handling-wise, steering is responsive, braking is more than adequate and the ride is comfortable.

First there’s Ford’s iconic Fusion-eqsue front grill. An attractive front design language for sure, it works well for this five-door hatch. From outside, you couldn’t differentiate between its gas powered brother if it weren’t for the badging and low-rolling resistance tires.

Ford has rewarded your environmentally friendly motoring choice by putting only the plushiest and most luxurious of materials in the 2016 Ford Focus EV. Premium is the keyword, among the best in its class. With plenty of sound dampening in all the right places, the interior is a sanctuary of sorts when driving around. With a small 14.5 cubic inches of cargo space out back, there’s not much in terms of packing everything for a getaway so thanks to the battery pack, you can kiss goodbye that hatchback versatility.

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