The 12 Best Bargain Electric Cars

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#2- 2016 Fiat 500e

Price: $31,800

Range:87 miles

Battery Size:24 kWh

Power: 111 HP And 147 Lb-Ft

The Fiat 500 is a face already adored and loved by both sides of the motoring world, practical owners choosing the practical naturally aspirated 1.4’s while the performance-minded owners choose the turbo 1.4’s most commonly stuffed in Abarth edition 500’s With the inclusion of an all-electric model, Fiat’s tiniest offering now has the chops to make both a fashion statement and one for the environment. You can call it eco-chic. You’ll be happy to know thanks to a but more sound deadening and a hefty weight, the 500e drives a bit more smoother and quieter compared to its gas engine counterparts.

Outside its modern and attractive with that all important retro look. Afterall, motoring in an electric car doesn’t mean you have to look eco-conscious while doing it (we’re looking at you Prius) Its small footprint and eager driving charecteristics already set it apart as a city car champ.

Inside its your standard Fiat 500 fare. Instead of a gear shift column, Park, reverse, neutral and drive are carried out via button push. With seating for four and a tiny 7.7 cubic feet of cargo space, don’t expect to go to far from your charging port. If you’re looking for a city car that looks attractive but skips the pump, look no further.

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