The 12 Best Bargain Electric Cars

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Photo Credit: Nissan
Photo Credit: Nissan /

#1- 2016 Nissan Leaf

Price: $29,010

Range: 84-107 miles

Battery Size: 24-30 kWh

Power: 107 HP and 187 Lb-Ft

You’ve got to hand it to Nissan. For a car company that makes the 600 HP Nismo GT-R they also make one of the most docile vehicles known to mankind in the Nissan Leaf. In production for five years now, Nissan has officially called the Leaf a successful mass-production venture. Taking one out on the road, like all EV’s you’ll be impressed by how quiet it is. Probably the only time you’ll hear much whine is when you’re aggressively pushing the Leaf’s motors up to highway speed. Handling characteristics are comfortable and predictable. Around town you’ll appreciate its quick acceleration but you may be wishing for more power on the highway.

Big news for 2016 is the option of a bigger battery for a $5,000 premium over the base model. Electric car owners wanted more range and Nissan listened with 23 more miles thanks to a bigger battery. Range remains unchanged at 84 miles for the base model Nissan Leaf. Only the Tesla Model S trumps now trumps the Nissan Leaf.

Outside the 2016 Nissan Leaf is definitely conservatively styled. There are two large headlights marking the front end with a charging port where the grill normally would be. With seating for five and a generous 24 cubic feet of cargo space, a quick get away to the countryside of range to spare just might be in the books.

When an electric vehicle reaches its second generation, you know people are buying them and that car company is doing something right. Hat tip to you Nissan for breaking ground with EV’s and listening to your customers.